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New Book on St. Francis de Sales - Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB

on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 16:34

Here is what Fr. Joseph Boenzi says about Salesian Spirituality in the preface of his book:

"Salesian spirituality, molded by the experiences of Francis de Sales, inculcated by Jane Francis de Chantal, articulated by Jean-Pierre Camus, fostered by Louis Brisson, pastorally relaunched by John Bosco, emphasizes what Vatican II would come to term the universal call to holiness. It is an approach born of common sense. God is sought in the ordinary events of life, where the profane is not separated from the sacred. The spirituality of Francis de Sales and of those who follow his approach to the Gospel is attentive to meeting the spiritual needs of lay men and women and supporting them in their day-to-day commitments in the home, in the workplace, and in society.

These pages are the fruit of spoken sessions and living experiences. I cannot claim to add anything to the great work of so many scholars on themes that derive from Francis de Sales and the Salesian tradition. I can only hope that these pages continue to add to the conversation, allowing people to resonate with Francis de Sales in their own circumstances."

-Joseph Boenzi, SDB


7 x 10, approx 300 pp.
Retail price: $24 USD
SPECIAL PRE-ORDER price: $20 if ordered by December 15
Publication date: January 2013

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Contents of the Book
Part I: Background, Vocation, Ministry
   1. Historical and Political Context
   2. Youthful Experience and Formation
   3. Apostolic Vocation
   4. Bishop and Shepherd
   5. Francis de Sales and Calvinism
Part II. Foundation of the Visitation
   6. Jane de Chantal: Making of a Founder
   7. Visitation: A Community of Women for Women
   8. A New Form of Religious Life
   9. From Small Community to Religious Order
Part III. Legacy of a Devout Life
   10. The Written Works of Saint Francis de Sales
   11. Projects for Pastoral and Cultural Renewal
   12. Last Days of Francis de Sales
   13. Mother de Chantal: Living the Salesian Spirit
Part IV. Spiritual Theology
   14. Francis de Sales and Theology
   15. Historical Sources of Francis de Sales's Spirituality
   16. On Prayer
   17. Love of God and Neighbor
   18. Towards a Spirituality of Ordinary Life
   19. The Devout Life and Practice of Virtue
   20. Live Jesus!
Part V. Recognition of Virtues and Influence
   21. Early Biographies
   22. Process of Beatification and Canonization
   23. Doctor of the Church
   24. Patron of Communications
Appendix 1. Time Line for Francis de Sales
Appendix 2. Consecrated Life and Salesian Spirit
Appendix 3. Index of Persons
Selected Bibilography

You can purchase this book at: